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セイバーズ! by 

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The submission box for image appears to be broken! The bottom of the form cuts off at the bottom so you can't agree to terms and click the submit button. Just thought I would let you know!

I had a look but it’s working fine for me, it could just be your browser (pretty sure the theme was optimized for chrome? but I check in IE and it’s fine there too) or maybe you’ve zoomed in too far? 

If anyone else is having an issue with the submission box please let me know! I’ll go as far to change the theme if it’s a reoccurring problem for everyone.

Odaiba Memorial Event | 15th Anniversary!


August 1st isn’t far away now, and since our event last year went down surprisingly well we thought we would bring it back again! It’s going to be much along the same lines as the last one, trying to be as inclusive as possible. 

Basically, if you’d like to help us here at Digimentals celebrate Odaiba Memorial Day then you’ll need to get creative! Embracing whatever form of creativity you excel the most.

You like to draw? Send us a picture of your favorite character(s)! It doesn’t have to be done on a tablet, color the picture in with crayons if you want. Maybe you drew something when you were nine, feel free to share that! A trip down memory lane is always fun.

Maybe you prefer to write! Write us a story, or a poem. A drabble about your favorite pairing, or write an entire adventure! Write about a character you can relate to! Write an AU!

Maybe you’re not much of a writer. Perhaps you like to cosplay! Get those costumes and cameras out, and get creative that way! Got friends who enjoy Digimon? Drag them along! Make an AMV if you’re better at video editing, preform a song, macaroni pictures, interpretive dance! Send us picture of your own original character! 

If you don’t think you’re creative enough to do any of that then maybe you’d like to submit us a few words about what you’re doing to celebrate instead (if you’re planning anything at all) Tell us what your earliest digi-memory is. Let us know what you would do if you had control over the next season.

We’re going to have to lay down a few ground rules, just to keep things friendly and organised.

  • Any artwork/writing must be your own.
  • All submission must be kept PG13.
  • All series are accepted, games and manga universes verses included! Mash them all together, just pick one, whatever you want.

There’s still a month two and a half weeks left, so don’t feel pressured to submitting things right away. We’ll be posting things sporadically from August 1st until we run out of submissions/asks.

You can check out last years submissions here! 
If there’s any comments, questions or concerns please feel free to send us a message. There’s probably things we’ve forgotten to mention.

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Digimon Adventure 2013 Photo Set

Yamato Ishida & Gabumon / Sora Takenouchi & Piyomon / Taichi Yagami & Agumon / Koushirou Izumi & Tentomon / Takeru Takaishi & Patamon / Mimi Tachikawa & Palmon / Hikari Yagami & Tailmon / Jou Kido & Gomamon

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ドット by ワオン

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